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Our ridiculously delicious artisan-crafted toffee is popping up in stores everywhere & we’ve been getting rave reviews! Find out more about us and where you can snag yourself a bag.

Two Brothers Toffee Company. Vancouver, British Columbia.



Some very special people have been trying our toffee, and loving every bite! Hear what these expert treat-tasters have to say about Two Brothers Toffee!

Matthew Astorga

MasterChef Canada 3rd Place (2016)

“This toffee is as premium a snack as you can get. I can’t get over how much thought goes into each flavour! What blows my mind, though, is their chocolate, nuts, and topping choices! Each flavour is coated in premium chocolate, and the nuts and other toppings are sourced based on the geographical location of the cacao. So you can be sure what you’re eating is filled with the world’s best ingredients, sourced responsibly while supporting ethical farming! I love this toffee!”


Foodie Influencer

“Two Brothers Toffee makes some of the most creative and tasty toffees I’ve ever had! They specialize in small batch artisan toffee that combines traditional confectionery ingredients with an unexpected twist of unique flavours. Just picture this: a classic almond toffee enveloped with creamy milk chocolate, melted marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers (Smore)… this is NEXT LEVEL TOFFEE. I love that they recommend pairings for each flavour too(for example milk toffee goes well with coffee)!”

Beccy Stables

MasterChef Canada Winner

“It’s just soooo addictively gooood!!!! Amazing people with an amazing passion for toffee. They understand their customers and actually listen and change for the better!! You can get everything from classics to chai to white chocolate. I love the fact that it doesn’t break your teeth, it just kinda melts in your mouth. Unexpected!”


Two Brothers Toffee is making its way into stores near you! Go get your hands on a bag or two at these fine locations:

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