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1 pint of LOVE
3 cups of LOYALTY
1 block of Philanthropy
1/4 cup of Patriotism
1 heaping tablespoon of Curiosity
1 teaspoon of “Junk Collector”
2 bunches of “Crime Buster”
1 pinch of Charm
2 sprinkles of Intelligence
1 dash of “Dry Witty Humour”

The recipe for Nicholas, aka “The Inventor”: A curious, intelligent, loving philanthropist, who, in 2005, created the first batch of our classic almond toffee. Nicholas spent the next 15 years perfecting the toffee and donating proceeds to charity, all while keeping his local community safe as a law enforcement officer. Still to this day, he serves as a law enforcement officer by day, and supports the TB brand by night.


1 kg of Optimism
1 tbsp of Ambition
1/2 cup of Self-Confidence
1 dash of Creativity
1 small pinch of a Couch Potato
2 cups of Leadership
1 pint of “Impulsive Shopper”
2 tbsp of Calm
100 ml of a “Skin Care Connoisseur”
1 slab of Entrepreneurship

The recipe for Dominic, aka “The Innovator”: An optimistic and ambitious entrepreneur, who created the Two Brothers Toffee Brand. In 2019 Dominic, and his wife Nastasia, dropped out of their corporate careers to create a new family company. A company where there is no limit to job creation, family time, and giving back through charitable donations, all from creating the worlds best toffee. In 2019, Dominic started with the recipe for Nicholas’ classic almond toffee and re-imagined the possibilities. With no formal training or confectionary experience, Dominic has hand crafted multiple innovative toffee flavours, which have been reviewed as the “best toffee ever!”


2 scoops of Boldness
1 piece of Determination
1 handful of Courage
1 hint of Sass
1 mouthful of Elaborate Story Teller
2 bites of a Dog Mom
1 bag of Enthusiasm
1 side dish of Crazy Wife

The recipe for Nastasia, aka “The Taste Tester”: A bold, determined, sassy wife who was recruited to taste every batch of toffee, since the very beginning. Nastasia has had a sweet tooth ever since she was a kid, making her a strict critic on taste testing. If the toffee doesn’t pass her test, it does not get released to the public. Her enthusiasm brings life to the kitchen, where you will find her creating fun, new recipes to enjoy TB all year long.


Would you believe us if we told you Two Brothers Toffee was fully created in the middle of chemotherapy treatment and world pandemic?! It’s no joke, and also why many people call us crazy! And we love it! Our greatest accomplishment is this creation that brought us joy during some of the hardest times. That’s why every batch of TB Toffee & Chocolate is our “chocolate lining” and made with love and gratitude just for you! Our Two Brothers Toffee base recipe was created by Nicholas; For over 15 years he tweaked and turned butter & sugar to perfectly create a real almond toffee – something that’s very rare to find these days.


Our purpose is to be so much more than just toffee! By creating the world's best toffee, using premium ingredients sourced responsibly, we are proud to support ethical farmers from all over the world. We want our toffee to inspire others to dream with no boundaries, through innovation and with love being at the center of every creation.

In a nutshell, we’re not just a company.

Two Brothers Toffee is our vessel, allowing us to positively impact humanity by providing opportunities and giving back to those in need. So go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth, knowing that your order is doing more than satiating your desire; with each bite you are giving back and that’s something we can all feel good about!

What is The Amore Organization?

The Amore Org. is an impact focused philanthropic non-profit organization. Its purpose is to improve the livelihoods of our communities through the promotion of productivity, community development, health and wellness, environmental protection and global fair trade.

Why was The Amore Organization created?

The Amore Org. was created to fulfill a need to have an organization with flexibility and freedom to support any individual, foundation, charity or group dedicated to improving humanity.

Who runs the Organization?

A board of directors selects a CEO who is in charge of the Organization’s day-to-day business and partnerships with contributors, donors, and implementing partners. As of 2020, the board of directors is composed of appointed and outside independent parties.

How is the Organization funded?

• Through the consumer premiums paid from Two Brothers Toffee sales

• From contributions by donors and partners who are inspired to support the mission of The Amore Org.

• The activities and distribution of premiums of The Amore Organization are independently verified and audited annually

Where can I find The Amore Organization’s supported groups or causes?

As of May 2020, The Amore Organization supporting the following groups: