The Two Brothers Toffee Story - Nicholas, Dominic and Nastasia

A Spoonful of Sugar: The Two Brothers Toffee Story

Two Brothers Toffee is about so much more than sweet treats, it’s a culmination of experiences that sent us on a mission to change ourselves and the world. We’re a family-run business, and like most families, our story is filled with joy, determination, and a few challenges along the way—all of which have held us together, and made us stronger. We are Nicholas, Dominic, and Nastasia Genova, the three founders of Two Brothers Toffee. Just like the ingredients we use, we compliment each other to create something greater than the sum of our parts. 

Nicholas and Dominic - Two Brothers Toffee Founders

Nicholas is a philanthropic man, one who lives to serve others. His giving nature has always been obvious to those who know him, but what many people didn't know was that for years, he’d been creating delicious batches of toffee every Christmas to give to his friends and family. Eventually, he decided to make larger batches and sell them to raise money for charity. It took 15 years of taste-tests (zero complaints there), and tinkering before Nicholas perfected his secret recipe. When Nicholas sent a batch to Dominic and Nastasia as a gift over the holidays, the spark to start Two Brothers Toffee was lit. 

At that time, power couple Dominic and Nastasia were at the top of their game working in the fitness industry, and had been high-level executives for the better part of their careers. There was, however, a sense that they could create something bigger and more impactful, and they were looking to turn that burning desire into a reality. Moving away from the corporate world to focus on their dream of becoming entrepreneurs —although scary—would mean the ability to innovate and give back without limitation. But then, life threw them a curve ball—Nastasia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemotherapy and extensive treatments began right away and the downtime ended up being exactly what they needed to come together, overcome this obstacle, and figure out how they were going to move forward with starting their own business. 


Nastasia and Dominic - Two Brothers Toffee Founders

It was then that Nicholas came to visit and brought some of his famous toffee to cheer Nastasia up. As she ate her first piece, she yelled, “This is it! We need to share this with the world! Two Brothers Toffee!” and everything fell into place. What seemed like a great idea of starting a candy business, quickly turned into a passion to create something like never before. Like combining butter and sugar, a perfect match was made.

The decision was made to dive into the toffee business headfirst! As Nastasia rested and recovered, Dominic focused on learning how to craft the perfect toffee. With no previous confectionery experience, he was able to do the unthinkable: master the art of making true English-style toffee.  His ideas began to blossom; nuts and chocolate were added, and the recipes flowed. Slowly, they began to experiment, adding their personalities—their spice— with exotic and adventurous flavours. Two Brothers Toffee was now moving full steam ahead, and there was no turning back.

Staying true to the principles of Nicholas’ original toffee creation, Nicholas, Dominic and Nastasia set a high priority on creating a philanthropic movement to accompany their toffee creation.  The Amore Organization was born, where a percent of Two Brothers Toffee proceeds fund charitable donations around the world.  Giving back was a top priority of their vision; afterall the business was born during a time when so much was being given to the Genova family, now was their turn to give back.

We’ve been pouring our hearts into getting ready for our launch. And we’re almost there! We cannot wait to welcome you to Two Brothers Toffee, built on the principles of love, philanthropy, perseverance, and sweetness (both the candy kind, and the human kind). We hope you enjoy our exclusive toffee flavours, and that our hand-crafted artisan confections bring you joy in the same way creating this business for you has brought us joy. 

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Our small batch artisan toffee combines traditional confectionery ingredients with an unexpected twist of modern, unique flavours for a reimagined taste that’ll leave you wanting more.