Notes From a Toffee Snob (Guest Blogger Aaron Cole)

Notes From a Toffee Snob (Guest Blogger Aaron Cole)

What brought you to Two Brothers Toffee? 

Maybe you’re looking for high-quality, locally-made artisan toffee? Well, you’ve found it. Maybe you’re intrigued by the idea that eating something delicious can also help others? It can. Maybe I ask too many questions? I certainly do.

My name is Aaron Cole, and I’m a self-proclaimed toffee snob. Not just any toffee snob, but the worst kind. One that eats far too much and deviates too little. I know what I like and I like great toffee—the kind that warms my palate and makes my soul smile; the kind that begs for (and receives) my attention and rewards my tastebuds. The kind that tastes like Two Brothers Toffee.

Why I Love Two Brothers Toffee

Toffee is more than just a dessert where I come from—it’s a sport. No 99 cent bar will do. Just Google “Colorado” and “toffee” and I’ll wait here. See what I mean? We’ve got more toffee companies here than Vancouver has rain. So, we really know our stuff.

From the minute I found Two Brothers Toffee, I’ve been unable to stray. And I’m just fine with that. The nuanced flavours are so good, I can revisit them again and again, and never get bored. I have my favourites, and I’m lucky enough to have visited the Two Brothers Toffee labs for my own sneak peek (and taste-testing).



Get Snobby With These Fine Toffee Flavours

If you’re unsure of where to start, let me give you a few pointers (trust me, I’ve perfected this). I always start with TB’s Dark Toffee. The subtle sweetness and rich, buttery toffee balance the dark chocolate like a fine red wine. The crisp texture and unique mix of flavours give me ample reason to finish the whole bag (I have, and I’m not afraid to admit it).

Now, my girlfriend on the other hand starts with TB’s Milk Toffee, and I can’t blame her. It’s not sweet like a candy bar and instead lets the toppings do the talking. The creamy milk chocolate is a great supporting character to the robust toffee lead here. 

Fireball Toffee is a beautiful blend of spice and bourbon. Hazelnut’s delightfully nutty and aromatic taste is oddly comforting—like a weighted blanket or a warm glass of milk.

My absolute favourite flavour, though, has to be TB’s Chai Toffee. It is nothing short of a revelation. And I don’t say that lightly. The spices build slowly and deliberately—something unexpected and new in toffee—making it truly genius. There is no distance I wouldn’t travel for more.

From there, you’re on your own! And you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime if you ask me. I encourage you to explore Two Brothers Toffee’s fine list of flavours and discover your own favourites.

Two Brothers Toffee: Quality & Care Make Them Stand Out

Dominic, Nicholas, and Nastasia’s passion, dedication, and soul come through every bite of their delicious toffee. It’s no surprise they’ve cultivated a following since they obviously care deeply about the quality of their ingredients, the people they serve, and the people they help. And I’m here for it, every step of the way.

To get YOUR toffee snob on, go try a bag of our unique and oh-so-delicious handmade toffee at

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